Howard Stern has the ‘Best Men’s Hair In America’

February 4, 2015
Photo: Sirius XM Holdings

The late Winter brings America lots of competitions – the Super Bowl, The Grammys, The Academy Awards …

But the only contest that truly matters is the “Best Men’s Hair in America” award.


Howard was humbled by the honor, but he truly deserves it. He beat out his buddy George Clooney, heartthrob Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, and friend of the show Bradley Cooper.

40 top hairstylists convened at a secret location to pour over photos of the follicles and chose the King of All Media as the King of All Men’s Hair.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Basically, Fartman beat out Batman, The Green Lantern, Thor and the Elephant Man.

Do you agree? Actually, it doesn’t matter, because you’re not one of the top 40 hairstylists in America.