Adam Carolla on Why He Let His Sidekick Go

The podcast host called into the Stern Show this morning.

March 9, 2015

One of the biggest podcaster in the world, and a Stern Show regular, Adam Carolla called in the morning to promote his movie “Road Hard” – more on that later.

The big non-movie related news in Adam’s life is that he recently fired his sidekick of four years, Alison Rosen.

‘I didn’t want to work with her anymore. It wasn’t working out; she wasn’t a sidekick.’

So he sent her an email and told her it was over.

Howard was fortunate that he met Fred and Robin early and the chemistry was perfect – not there that haven’t been fights and hard times, but the show was always great.

Adam hasn’t been as lucky, and admitted that he fired Alison because they didn’t have the chemistry that Howard and Robin had. For instance, Robin would never miss an episode of America’s Got Talent because she feels she needs to be informed about what will be discussed on the Stern Show.

(the world’s greatest sidekick and co-host)

Alison, according to Adam, probably never even watched his show ‘Catch a Contractor’ on Spike and it made talking about his life and projects on his podcast difficult to do.

Adam – like a handful of other celebrities with strong followings – took to and asked his fans for help funding his latest movie: ‘Road Hard’.

It worked, he raised over $1.4 million and made a good movie – both Robin and Fred really liked it. Howard didn’t have time to watch it yet, but he promised Adam that he would.

Adam also got generous stars like Howie Mandel and David Alan Grier to act in the project for free.

Check out the movie yourself and, while you’re at it, watch it while sipping Adam’s very own booze – Mangria!