Howard Tackles the Headlines

March 9, 2015

Howard never holds back when it comes to his view on the news.


Howard couldn’t understand why William Shatner was coming under fire for missing his co-star Leonard Nimoy’s funeral. He had previously committed to a charity event in Florida after all. And another thing, why does the world assume everyone is best friends just because they worked together once upon a time?


Howard decided that suspended NBC News anchor Brian Williams just didn’t want to be a news man plain and simple. Recent news articles reveal that he was recently angling for Jay Leno’s job, then David Letterman’s job. He only relented and re-upped as the news anchor after NBC presented him with Edward R. Murrow’s old writing desk. Robin joked that it was probably just some old piece of junk they told him belonged to Murrow.

Curt Schilling Fights Back

Curt Schilling recently revealed that he knows people in Special Forces and is using them to fight back against the trolls who have tweeted wildly inappropriate things about his daughter. Schilling recently congratulated his daughter on her softball scholarship in a tweet and some of the responses were awful. Howard found the ‘special forces’ angle ridiculous, despite the disgusting comments people had tweeted about Schilling’s daughter. Robin pointed out that that Curt should be congratulating his daughter in person, not over Twitter.