Leila Zucker Is From Mars

March 31, 2015

Well, she’s not FROM Mars, but she hopes to make Mars her home. Leila is one of the 100 finalists (whittled down from 200,000 applicants) who is vying to be the first human to live on another planet.

Mars One is an organization that has been in the news a lot lately – they claim they will land four people on Mars (the first people to ever set foot on the planet) and will establish a permanent human colony by 2027.

Leila’s husband heard about the organization and (strongly) suggested his wife apply. He did not apply himself because, as Leila put it, “He’s a fat guy with asthma.” So, naturally, you might wonder if her husband wants her on Mars so he can date other women. That’s not exactly the case since the two have an open marriage and already date other people.

Still, Leila is a romantic and her wedding ring is one of the things she would take to Mars with her, along with a vibrator, a deck of cards, and the game Looney Pyramids – she’s quite a board game fan, according the bio on her personal website:

“Born near Disneyland, my parents drove down the Pan-American Highway in their sky-blue VW Bug to Panama when I was two years old. My favorite things to do as a little kid were to climb trees in the jungle, roller-skate, swim, and play with my little sister with space LEGO. As an older kid, I played a lot of tabletop board games and Dungeons&Dragons on any weekend I wasn’t in the school theatre building sets and putting up lighting instruments for the next show.”

Keep your fingers crossed that Leila gets to go to Mars.