The High Pitch Erik Sexual Knowledge Game

Howard and Robin try to guess what the Wack Packer knows (or more likely doesn't know) about sex

April 14, 2015

Everyone’s favorite morbidly obese wack packer is High Pitch Erik. Erik claims that he’s had sex with a woman (but nobody believes him). With that in mind, we asked Erik about pretty common sexual terms – could he identify them? Occasionally he could, but most of the time, he couldn’t.

Camel Toe? Yes, Erik basically got it.

A Golden Shower? Yes

Sphincter? Erik said ‘Your mouth.’

Gigolo? ‘When people have sex with Jell-O.’

Happy Ending? Yes

Bi-sexual? Yes

Blumpkin? ‘Two fat people having sex.’

G Spot? Erik didn’t know for sure but he did know for sure that it was located in a woman’s ass.

Gonorrhea? Erik said ‘it’s a fungus found in your feet.’

This looks like our staff gathered in the studio for the above-mentioned High Pitch Erik Seuxal Knowledge Game, but it’s not. The staff is gathered for Sal Governale’s ‘Slow Adult Family Feud’ which was so confusing and boring, Howard bailed after a single category.