Louis C.K. Trumps Again!

April 15, 2015

The great Louis CK has made several appearances on the Howard Stern Show, but each interview seems even better than the last. This morning was no exception as Howard sat down with Louis to talk about everything from the way his hit FX show ‘Louie’ works to his thoughts on Bill Cosby. Plus, there’s a great Jimmy Fallon story in there as a bonus.

Take a listen to just some of the awesome clips from Howards ninety minute interview with Louis CK:

Louis’ ground-breaking comedy series ‘Louie’ is a constant source of fascination for people – not only because it’s great but because Louis writes, directs, stars, and even edits the show himself. He also took very little money in exchange for total artistic control

Louis worked for The Dana Carvey Show when a young Jimmy Fallon auditioned for a spot. Louis was agitated and jealous of Jimmy’s good looks and success with the ladies, so he adamantly refused to hire him. ‘It’s him or me. I really went there.’

Like many many other comics, Louis grew up loving Bill Cosby. Louis admitted that he didn’t want to believe the allegations, but at a certain point, it was ‘getting a little much’. He didn’t hold back.

Then, of course, there’s SNL 40, which Louis attended. There, he ran into an old foe of his, former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. It could have been very awkward, but Louis immediately apologized for attacking her so viciously and the whole thing ended with Sarah inviting Louis up to Alaska to go fishing. Who wouldn’t do that just for the story alone?

But at least, when he met Sarah Palin, Louis didn’t shit his pants. He saved that for Bill DeBlassio.

Check out the fifth season of ‘Louie’ and get his latest comedy special ‘Live at the Comedy Store’ at his website for only $5.