Benjy Bronk Struggles After Split With Longtime Girlfriend

Staffer sheds some tears in the Stern Show studio

April 22, 2015

Stern Show writer Benjamin Percival Bronk is really coming undone over his break-up with longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend Elisa Jordana.

Elisa recently began hosting a podcast that’s hours and hours long and named after her dog. On said podcast, she revealed that she is attracted to former Eric the Actor enemy Gonzo Shitc*ck and the two are headed for a hot date.

Benjy actually broke down in tears while talking about how much he loves Elisa but saying he wants her out of his life.

Howard asked him how much money he’s given her (he agreed to support her for one year after their break-up) and Benjy put the figure at about $31,000.

Howard astutely pointed out that most guys in radio don’t make half of what Benjy has given his ex-girlfriend.