How to Score a Date With Clay Aiken

"American Idol" star admits it may be easier than most people think

April 27, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s Easier Than You Think…

During this morning’s fun and informative interview with Howard, career runner-up Clay Aiken revealed that it is easier to score a date with him than you might think – even though he hasn’t gotten any since before his 2014 congressional run.

“If I want you, how do I get you? How do I do you?” Howard asked, wondering how one gets to date the former the American Idol star.

As it turns out, all you have to do is send him a friend request on Facebook. “That’s how that one went down,” Clay explained, referring to one of his last dates.

(Peace and love, peace and love: DO NOT send Clay a friend request now – after today’s interview he is no longer accepting Facebook friend requests for dates!)

But it must be hard to weed out the fame-seekers, right? Not so for Clay. “My bullshit detector is pretty fucking good,” he exclaimed.

Howard and Robin were truly concerned that it’s been a year-and-a-half since Clay has had a man. Though when questioned on whether he’d turn to hookup app Grindr for help, Clay immediately shut it down, telling them he’s “not as much of a whore as people would like to think” he is.

“Here’s the honest truth: When people ‘friend’ me … if it’s a guy who’s really cute, I’ll accept him. And then I’ll look at the pictures and delete them.” But if you play your cards right, you might just catch him on your lucky day and score a date, just like his last boyfriend.

“Who’s your Hollywood crush?” Howard prodded. To everyone’s surprise, Clay admitted: “You know what’s crazy, Seth MacFarlane is sort of my … I like dimples.”

Unfortunately, that one might not pan out exactly as he would like.

Listen to Clay discussing his dating life with Howard Stern

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