Ryan Phillipe Once Had to Knock Out An Attacker Cold

The actor shares harrowing tales of being a celebrity with Howard

April 29, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show


Ryan Phillippe dropped by the Stern Show Wednesday ahead of the Secrets & Lies finale to catch up with the King Of All Media – but one of the most surprising revelations from the morning’s interview turned out to be a story from the actor’s personal life.

Rewind 20 years (which may sound crazy considering the 40-year-old’s age-defying appearance), to a star-studded Thanksgiving dinner at director Tony Scott’s house, which Phillippe was attending as a result of dating Ridley Scott’s daughter who was living with her uncle. Ryan had just had an amazing night where he met one of his heroes in Robert De Niro and felt on top of the world.

“So we had this dinner and on the way home I stopped to get a 6-pack of beer or something and I got jumped in a parking lot on Sunset and Fairfax,” Ryan, who has been a black belt in Taekwondo since 15, remembered.

“How many guys jumped you?” Howard asked.

“Well there was two guys, but only one approached me. He grabbed me … I had steel toe boots on and I can kick like 7 ft. in the air. This was instinctual; it was one kick to the guy’s head and I dropped him. I was putting the key in my pickup truck with my left hand. He grabbed my right hand and I spun and kicked him.

… His friend laughed at him. I jumped in my car and drove off. “

Howard remarked that a lot of people who train in martial arts actually freeze up when it comes time to use it in real life. “They picked with the wrong f*cker,” he summed up.

Listen to Ryan discuss the fight with Howard below: