Wendy the Gambler and Hopeful Bride

Wack Packer proposes that Howard Stern should marry her instead

May 5, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wack Pack legend Wendy the Slow Adult called up during Robin’s news this morning – most likely to gently remind Howard that her birthday is next Friday (she, like Robin Quivers before her, really likes Howard to properly acknowledge her birthday).

Lately, she has been claiming that she wants to marry Howard because she’d be a much better wife than Howard’s lovely real wife Beth.

Wendy promised she’d be able to satisfy Howard in bed, thought she admitted she’d need practice – ‘I been single all my life.’

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

Stern Show reporter Jon Leiberman spent some time with Wendy about a year ago and she has taken to purchasing scratch-off lottery tickets. Before you shake your head and say ‘oh, Wendy’ – she won $1,000! To be fair, she also spent $4,000 on the scratchers to get that golden $1,000 ticket.