Jeff The Drunk — Not Being Catfished?

Wack Packer swears the super hot girl contacting him is 100% real

May 6, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Longtime wack packer Jeff the Drunk has lived a pretty crummy life, punctuated by moments of greatness – like singing ‘Mockingbird’ with Carly Simon.

He thought he was in for another great moment recently when a super-hot woman started reaching out to him, professing her attraction to the super-hot Jeff. Jeff was over the moon, until Howard broke the news to him yesterday that he was most likely being ‘catfished’.

To ‘Catfish’ someone is to ‘lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.’ They’ve made a few different documentaries about the subject.

Jeff swore up and down that that wasn’t the case – despite the fact that they had never met in person or even spoken on the phone.

Photo: Howard Stern Productions

Well, today, we got some more information on the future Mrs. The Drunk – it turns out she might in fact be a real person, but now it looks like she’s just using Jeff to help her promote the erotic photo she allegedly sells of herself.

Howard was not amused and announced that we’d only have her on the show if she full-on bangs Jeff. We’ll see what happens!