Howard or Robin: Who Is Crazier?

Debate rages in the studio

August 25, 2015
Photo: Joe DeMaria Photo: Joe DeMaria

Playing Wednesday on Howard 100, the Stern Show staff weighs in on who they think is more f’d up: Howard or Robin. At the top of the show that morning, Howard mentioned that he’d been having some anxiety issues lately, and he and Robin got to talking about them. That led to Howard taking some solace in the feeling that Robin is more troubled than he is.

Well, Ms. Quivers took some major umbrage with that claim. She brought it up multiple times throughout the show, which led to a show-length argument about who is crazier.

Robin’s main points were that Howard sits at home all day and night, is a hypochondriac, and can’t do anything for himself (except, it should be said, create the greatest radio show of all time).

Howard pointed out some of Robin’s wackier behavior: joining a witches coven, cryogenically freezing herself, taping beads behind her ears, taking coffee enemas, and taking Ayahuasca.

Stern Show producer Gary Dell’Abate came in to praise Howard for being a very normal host during his recent visit to Howard and Beth’s house.

Robin, wanting the final word, simply yelled to Howard, “I declare MYSELF less fucked up than you!”

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