Show Rundown: Tuesday September 15, 2015

Neil Patrick Harris returns to the Howard Stern Show ahead of the premiere of his brand new variety show on NBC

September 15, 2015

Starting Off The Morning

Photo: NBC

Howard opened the show incredulous that on the “Today” show Matt Lauer had interviewed Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell (aka “Shawskank”), the prison employee who helped Richard Matt and David Sweat escape the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York back in June.

After playing clips from the interview, Howard asked Benjy who he’d rather have sex with: Caitlyn Jenner, Joyce Mitchell, or Kim Davis. After some hesitation from Benjy, Howard turned to Gary who replied: “You’ve got to go with Shawskank.” Fred said that he’d have to go with either Kim Davis or Joyce Mitchell, whoever “is younger of those two beasts.”

Howard said he had heard that Gary said he would have sex with Cait Jenner if they were stuck on a desert island. While Baba Booey denied it, some of the staff confirmed they had heard him say it after the Vanity Fair cover came out.

A New Season Of “Dancing With The Stars”

The new season of ” DWTS ” premiered last night, but Howard said he only got through about four acts.

Gary Busey is one of the contestants and Gary Dell’Abate said he just “makes really weird faces.”

Another weird moment during the show was that Bindi Irwin danced to “Crocodile Rock.”