Howard Is Finally Done with ‘AGT’

September 21, 2015
Photo: PRPhotos

Robin said that she saw photos of Howard and Beth from “America’s Got Talent” last week and they looked beautiful. Howard responded that after refusing to participate in a number of interviews, he finally caved and told the producers that he would walk the final AGT red carpet.

Reflecting on his departure from the show, Howard told Robin that “it’ll do fine. This isn’t like the Howard Stern Radio Show where I’m the primary player.” She disagreed, countering that “the tenor of the show could change. I’m just looking at ‘Dancing With The Stars’ without Len,” she mused.

While he may not miss most of the process, Howard said that he really did like Nick Canon because he was the one person who didn’t bother him – mostly because it sounds like he was too deep in women and cell phones. By Howard’s count, the AGT host had about five phones, which were distributed amongst his posse.

As for other goodbyes, apparently Howie’s was a little awkward. Howard recounted Mandel’s words, which went something like this: “Hey buddy, [mumbles].”

“I think he said, ‘I’m going to miss you’ … it was so uncomfortable,” Howard explained. But he maintained his fellow judge was really a sweet guy.