Show Rundown: Monday October 26, 2015

David Spade and Sarah Silverman visit the Howard Stern Show, Ronnie recounts Howard's appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, and more!

October 26, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Today on the Stern Show: David Spade and Sarah Silverman both stop by. Plus, a behind the scenes look at Howard’s appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!,’ Scott Salem crosses the line with a crude text, and Ronnie’s back with some spooky sex tips.

Ronnie’s Halloween Sex Tips

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fresh off his professional praise, Howard decided to play Ronnie’s latest round of sex tips lest anyone believed him to be normal — and this time Ronnie’s theme was centered on Halloween.

One of the clips, Howard thought had the potential to certainly land Ronnie in jail. “Well there are a lot of things Ronnie says [that] I advise people not to do because they’re illegal,” Robin added.

Though most people are just creeped out, Ronnie wanted to point out that Jimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly is a big fan … allegedly.

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