Show Rundown: Tuesday December 8, 2015

Don Henley performs live, Sternac the Improbable returns, and more!

December 8, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: Joe DeMaria Photo: Joe DeMaria

Mick the Nerd opened the show announcing that along with Howard and Robin, the great Don Henley would be gracing the studio to perform and reflect back on his career. Howard said that Mick is also really into Robin. “Wants you badly. Very attracted to you,” he told her.

“I was talking about Robin a lot last night,” Howard continued. He was out to dinner with Denise Oliver, who was the Washington DC programmer who recommended Robin to Howard originally. Howard said that at that point in his career he really wasn’t into listening to anybody and didn’t understand why he was labeled so controversial, but Denise was one person who got through to him … and she ended up reaping the benefits too as ratings skyrocketed when Robin and Howard got together.

Jay Leno Or Don Imus?

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Howard took a call from a guy who wanted to know who he hated more, Jay Leno or Don Imus.

“I don’t think I hate him. I think Imus was very insecure back in the day. He could have helped me when I was getting besieged. He was too much of a narcissist to help the young guy out … I don’t hate him, I feel kind of sorry for him,” Howard said. “I get why he felt shitty about me … I don’t hate Imus, I don’t.”

Leno, conversely, was a little bit of a different story. “Jay’s just a weird guy. Hate is real strong … I don’t know that I hate Jay. I just think Jay bungled something with me that he shouldn’t have,” Howard explained.

If he had to choose one though, “maybe Jay a little more than Imus.” But just because Jay was responsible for what happened between them whereas Imus wasn’t really.

And What About Letterman?

Next, Howard took a call from someone who wanted to know if he thought David Letterman only tolerated Howard because his appearances caused spikes in the ratings.

“Yeah, I think so,” Howard mused. “I don’t think personally he likes me very much … But by the way, that doesn’t change my opinion of him.”

Robin didn’t think that was necessarily true, but Howard said after he broke “certain trusts” with Dave, it was never the same. “I think Dave respects my career,” though he added.

Howard Relationship With His Almer Mater

One caller later in the morning inquired about Howard’s relationship with Boston University, where he got his degree. Howard said that he donates some money to them under one condition: “Don’t both me,” as he told them.

The caller wondered whether Howard would ever accept any sort of honorary degree, but he shut it down immediately, asserting that Bill Cosby’s honorary doctorate was possibly more disturbing than his alleged sexual deviancy.

One award that Howard did appreciate was the newcomer award he received from Blockbuster after “Private Parts” came out. “I earned that,” he said. Howard still also thinks he should have won the Oscar that year. Gary said the Best Actor went to Jack Nicholson for “As Good As It Gets” (which Robin loved) and Best Picture went to “Titanic.”

Don Henley Performs Live

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The great Don Henley of Eagles and solo fame made his first-ever appearance on the show this morning as he celebrated Monday’s news that a track from his new solo record, “Cass County,” was nominated for a Grammy.

Henley and Howard spent more than an hour digging into his fascinating career. And if that was all they did, it would have been enough – but Don also graced us with amazing performances as well.

Listen to some highlights below and be sure to read more of the story here.

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