Show Rundown: Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Celebrity superfan Ike Barinholtz stops by to catch up with Howard and talk about his new project.

December 9, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

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Robin Quivers and Beth Stern went out for a girls’ night yesterday and saw Marlee Matlin on Broadway in “Spring Awakening.” Robin didn’t get to bed until 11 p.m., which Howard joked was a little irresponsible on a show night.

“I’m here. I’m on time. I sound more awake than you do,” she shot back.

Howard reminded listeners that next week would be the last week of shows before “going in to the ether” (or whatever lies next) and as such, would be having the annual Christmas special. Howard played some clips of the special, which will feature songs by Goerge Takei, Baba Booey, and “Charlie Sheen,” a Tan Mom/Sal duet, “I’ll Suck Your Ween” Xmas version, and more.

Lucky in LA

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought Shuli into the studio later to present his findings on a Stern Show exclusive: Jeff the Drunk got a blowjob (… and didn’t have to pay for it)!

The bizarre thing was, Jeff didn’t even reveal this to Shuli, he had to find out through the people who ran Jeff’s recent LA event.

Shuli: “I heard a rumor that you got a blowjob when you were in LA?”

Jeff: “What happens behind closed doors, happens behind closed doors.”

Shuli: “Ok so something interesting happened and you don’t want to share?”

Most surprising of all is that the 50-year-old woman is “insanely hot” by everyone’s standards. Shuli called her to try to get to the bottom of what happened, but she was more interested in yelling at him for not praising Jeff’s live event. “I think you guys are really rude. I know it’s part of the show and everything, but you could have at least said something nice,” she chided him.

The woman claimed that she does not listen to the Stern Show and simply found Jeff by way of his Periscope. “Jeff you have a groupie!” Howard exclaimed.

Jeff, for his part, rated the blowjob “probably a ten” on a scale of 1-10. He told Shuli that he showered beforehand, they talked for a while and made out before she did the deed.

The story didn’t totally add up and, facing questions, Jeff explained: “It was the way it went … It was all pre-arranged … I knew it was going to happen.” But he insists that no money was exchanged. He also said that he passed up full intercourse because he prefers blowjobs.

“I’m really stumped that a woman would blow him,” Howard concluded.

Prince Performs ‘Creep’ at Coachella 2008

While Ike Barinholtz was heading into the studio, Fred played the recently released video featuring Prince covering Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Howard said he loved Prince, but thought he was “off his f-cking rocker” for always performing in the dark.

Wolfie at Adult Diaper Con

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Later in the show Howard played clips of Stern Show correspondent Wolfie at an adult diaper convention, which required the most research he’s ever done for an event, he said.

The event organizers took him around the showroom, but wouldn’t let him interview anyone, so Wolfie camped out at a “munch,” their version of a social gathering and talked to some of the men.

Listen back to the show for some of their bizarre discussions.

Future of the Howard Stern Show

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One longtime listener called in worried that Howard decision on whether to renew his contract with SiriusXM or not was coming down to the wire. Mariann from Brooklyn also said that she was fasting until a decision was made.

“We’ll be somewhere … Don’t worry about us,” Howard told the caller. While he wouldn’t rule out much, the King Of All Media did admit you won’t find him podcasting anytime soon. But short of that, the possibilities are endless.

“This is the best audience. We’ve had a love audience for many years – too many to count … Either I’ll re-sign or resign,” he teased.