Gary’s Christmas Card Faux Pas

December 8, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin mentioned that she really loved getting Christmas cards from Carol Leifer and Baba Booey because they both include photos of their respective families. “I just like to see the family and how it’s changing,” she explained.

Howard, on the other hand, was fuming that Gary put his Christmas card in the Boff’s pile to carry with him instead of just mailing it to his house. “I genuinely don’t know where to send you stuff,” Gary insisted, but it was too late. Howard “irritated” and upset at the perceived wrongdoing.

“You carried your Christmas card to here so that I could carry it home,” he chided his executive producer. “Your card had to go in my man bag.” Gary sounded genuinely hurt by Howard comments, but the subject likely be let go so easily.