High Pitch Erik Really Wants a Flat Ronnie

Wack Packer calls in and reveals what he'd do to get one

December 16, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Listeners who tuned in Tuesday may remember High Pitch Erik’s pleas for a Flat Ronnie that fell on deaf ears, as he was deemed not worthy of receiving one. Those pleas didn’t end when the show did, either – executive producer Gary Dell’Abate came in to say the Wack Packer had been leaving messages all afternoon and into the morning that he wouldn’t participate in any more bits and that he wouldn’t allow Joey Boots to come on the show.

“Listen, I will do stuff with Flat Ronnie. You have my 100 percent word,” High Pitch said on the phone.

Howard finally budged and gave him an offer: If High Pitch can lose 20 pounds by the time the show returned, he could have a Flat Ronnie. “I guarantee you he can’t do it,” Howard stipulated.