Show Rundown: Wednesday December 16, 2015

Quentin Tarantino opens up in an intriguing interview, Vinnie Favale calls in to defend Stephen Colbert, and more!

December 16, 2015

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The show opened this morning with Howard’s impersonation of a familiar voice – Little Lupe!

Robin wondered what happened to the (maybe former) porn star — who gave Fred a enormous wealth of drops – since she hasn’t been on the show in a while. Howard didn’t quite remember what happened, but thinks she’s “mad about something …” or else just trying to change her persona.

Howard said that Quentin Tarantino would be coming by later in the morning to talk about “The Hateful Eight” as well as his recent controversy with Patrick Lynch and some police officers.

The Annual Christmas Special

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At numerous points throughout the show, Howard launched into the Christmas special, which ended up becoming sort of a trainwreck – but in the most hilarious of ways.

The general plot followed Howard, who was stressed out because Robin would be coming over for dinner while Beth was gone promoting her book. Howard is anxious in the story because he has to reveal to Robin that he and JD have become lovers. JD isn’t even gay, but he wants to please his boss, so he gets fucked in the ass on the regular.

“I didn’t agree to be the bottom!” (the real) JD grumbled.

Some highlights included:

“Roger Waters” visited; “he was horrible.”

Howard fucked JD in the ass.

Ronnie did the worst poem in the world.

JD wouldn’t even show Howard his feet.

Gary did a good job on his song as did Robin.

And finally Howard tried to do “Hillary Clinton’s” bit and it all fell apart. But then she showed up. So did “the president.”

Why Is Howard Crabby?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Despite the incredibly exciting announcement from yesterday – or maybe in light of it – Howard explained that he was really crabby after telling everyone and really didn’t want to hear from anyone.

The King of All Media told listeners and friends alike yesterday to not reach out to him (with peace and love of course).

“I think I was just stressing out because for a couple of months now, I personally … was going through, ‘Gee what do I want to do with my future,'” before it all came together in the end, Howard explained. For the longest time, it didn’t seem like it would happen either.

“I’m afraid to be happy,” he offered as explanation and Robin agreed this was nothing new.

The good news is, the next five years will hold an exciting future. “I’ve had a vision now for five or six years … I think we can create a virtual world,” Howard told listeners.

Fred and Robin remarked that they knew Howard was excited about re-signing (even if he didn’t act it), but they didn’t realize how big this was. “This is a restructuring of everything we do,” Howard noted in response.

Gary, came in and said he was a little bummed out yesterday that after so many years of working together, he wasn’t able to thank Howard or send him a note yesterday. Howard though, said he shouldn’t thank him because Gary is a hard worker.

Quentin Tarantino Talks ‘Hateful Eight,’ Disney, the Police, and More

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Iconic director, writer, and actor Quentin Tarantino returned to the Stern Show this morning to catch up with Howard and offered a ton of insight into his thought process while making a film – this time in specific to ‘The Hateful Eight.” Tarantino also discussed his recent controversy with some members of the police union, bizarre ramblings from his estranged father, the prospects of doing a TV show, and even a stinging accusation against Disney execs.

Read more insights from the interview here and listen to some highlights below:

Wolfie Calls In

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wolfie, a Stern Show correspondent, called in to ask Howard to explain more about the his contract and Howard chided him for not tuning in earlier when he was talking about his plans for the future.

“I literally have a prototype for what I want to do,” Howard explained. “We’ve signed up for the future.”

Wolfie remarked that he could tell Howard was really fired up about it. Robin added that she “can’t wait to see what this is.”

Wolfie also brought up that JD will be super old by the time the contract ends the next time around and wondered what he’d be like. Howard mused he might drop dead from being fat and asked JD if he has any New Year’s resolutions.

“Uh, I don’t usually – I know I need to lose weight. I’m slowly, but surely trying,” he stammered before Wolfie inquired about how often JD clips his toenails. JD insisted it was every couple of weeks, but Howard was sure his feet were gross.

JD would not agree to show anybody though.

Robin’s Niece Sits In

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Throughout the latter portion of the show, Howard turned to Robin’s 22-year-old niece who was sitting in. She’s new to New York and is currently staying with Robin as she settles in.

“You never even told me you had a niece,” Howard remarked. He was a little hesitant to play some of the more racy material in front of her, but she seemed fine with it.

Don’t Forget to Enter to Win!

Howard reminded listeners this morning that the Ultimate Dark Knight III Giveaway was only open until Friday — so be sure to enter if you haven’t yet!

The winner will receive a one-of-a-king package complete with all 47 variant covers of the epic comic as well as sketch versions for a total of 85 different covers!

You can enter here.