The Wahlbergs: They Still Love Each Other

Before the insanity of the High Pitch Erik segment, Howard wanted to just talk to Jenny an Donnie for a little while. They are totally devoted to each other and committed to making sure their love affair lasts forever.

What Howard was most curious about was the fact that Donnie's brother Mark Wahlberg did not attend the Wahlberg-McCarthy nuptials.

Donnie explained that neither he or Mark get much time off and Mark wanted to spend the time with his daughter, celebrating her birthday, for which Donnie couldn't blame him. 'If Mark wants to spend the day with his daughter instead of me and my wife, that's okay.'

Donnie denied that there was any rift between the two, even speaking nostalgically about helping Mark get his start by signing him to Interscope records.

As their careers progressed, both Mark and Donnie wanted to get into acting. Mark wanted to distance himself from being 'Marky Mark' the rapper – and it's possible that that had some effect on their growing apart a little bit, but they're still brothers.

Working together on Wahlburgers has gotten them to a place where they communicate more than ever.

The bottom line was this: Mark didn't go to the wedding, but Donnie didn't go to Mark's wedding either.