Beetlejuice Place the Face Game: August 24, 2015

Who can Beet correctly identify?


Today, Howard played one of the more difficult games we've played with a caller – so difficult, in fact, that two callers failed out before a third finally answered three out of five correctly.

Which game was it? It was the craze sweeping the nation: The Beetlejuice Place The Face Game! [Applause]

We presented Beetlejuice with photos of various celebrities and icons. Who do you think he could identify?

1) Donald Trump?

2) Bill Clinton?

3) Hulk Hogan?

4) Adolf Hitler

5) Oprah Winfrey?

6) Jesus Christ?

7) Batman?

8) Frankenstein?

9) Uncle Sam?

10) E.T.?

11) Howard Stern?

12) Martin Luther King Jr.?

13) Elvis Presley?

14) David Letterman?

15) Mickey Mouse?

16) Colonel Sanders?

17) George Washington

18) Brad Pitt?

19) Britney Spears?

ANSWERS: 1) No 2) Yes 3) Yes 4) No 5) No, he thought it was Robin 6) No 7) Yes 8) No, but he said 'Herman Munster' which is pretty damn close 9) No 10) Yes 11) Yes 12) No, he said Malcolm X as a kid 13) Yes 14) No 15) No 16) No 17) Yes 18) No 19) No