“Happy New Year, Lovers”

Ronnie's Sexy New Year's Resolutions.

January 5, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a few clips featuring Ronnie’s Sexy Resolutions and Ronnie’s Organization Tips for those who haven’t been thoroughly creeped out enough by any of the previous editions.

Robin and Howard both remembered back in the days when they’d go to the strip clubs and Ronnie wouldn’t be the guy to get lap dances. Instead he got his kicks from walking around the club acting like he owned the place.

The discussion turned to Ronnie’s sex life with his girlfriend Stephanie. The 66-year-old maintained that they have sex three to four times a week and that keeps him satisfied enough to the point where he doesn’t need to masturbate.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

King of All Blacks called in and yet again lambasted Ronnie for what he considers to be “lies.”

“Just because you have a heart condition and can’t get it up all the time … not my problem,” Ronnie shot back. Shuli came in to bring up the fact that King is promoting some sort of a penis pill that he has “created” with a firefighter, which is “rich in ecdysterone, the growth hormone of insects which is suspected to play a role in its anabolic effects.” The website for the pill also features some sensual poems to go along with the pills.

King wants to put together a time where he can interview Stephanie and Ronnie can interview his wife to see who has the craziest sex life.