The Asian Pete Band Name Game

A caller plays to win a Flat Ronnie.

January 19, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

One caller this morning was offered the chance to win one of the remaining life-size Flat Ronnies if he could just get two out of five questions right in the extremely tough Asian Pete Band Name Game. The simple rules of the game: just correctly guess the name of the band that Pete is attempting to say.

Here were the questions:

Practice Question: Fleetwood MacAnswer: No One Guessed Correctly

Question #1: Guns N’ RosesCaller: Guns N’ Roses

Question #2: Black SabbathCaller: Def Leppard

Question #3: Boy George and Culture ClubCaller: The Dave Matthews Band

Question #4: Linkin ParkCaller: Linkin Park

Question #5: Electric Light OrchestraCaller: No Idea

Congratulations to the caller, who successfully guessed two out of the five correct and thus won a Flat Ronnie!

Asian Pete himself even called in and though he may have said quite a bit, the only nuggets of info anyone could decipher were that he has started a Periscope show with Medicated Pete and that he has worked at Lowe’s for about eight years.