Memet Is In A Drought

The staffer discusses the current funk in his lovelife.

February 24, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Memet was in the studio, Howard also addressed reports that the studly staffer was in a drought with women.

Initially hesitant to discuss it at all, Memet ultimately explained that he had recently broken things off with a girl and was depressed about it – but it was a complicated situation.

Through much prodding, he revealed that the girl had a boyfriend she was cheating on with Memet.

“You were just her fling?” Howard questioned.

“Yeah, I guess,” the downtrodden Memet responded. “It was just an uncomfortable situation,” he continued. “I need to get out of this funk.”

He recounted how in a movie-like scene, the two met up and both wanted to say something. While the girl was getting ready to leave her boyfriend, Memet broke the news that he wanted to end things.

Ronnie and Sal were absolutely astounded that Memet was “depressed” even though he had girls falling all over him. “I’m fucking crying!” Ronnie exclaimed as he exploded with laughter.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Memet showed everyone a photo of the girl and Howard thought she looked like Natalie Portman. “She’s got that sexy look, man,” Ronnie agreed.

Howard and Robin though were more concerned with the fact that Memet admitted to not using condoms as the girl was on birth control. Howard said he prefers using rubbers because they make him last longer to which Ronnie chimed in that you could just do that with a cock ring.

The cock ring revelation sent the show down a whole new rabbit hole of questions concerning Ronnie’s sex life.

In closing, Howard offered that maybe Robin should take a crack at Memet, but she shut it down because “he’s a dirty boy.”