Fred Toettcher Has ‘Carte Blanche’ to Meet Howard?

A miscommunication leads one radio host to believe he's going to meet the King of All Media

May 31, 2016

JD Harmeyer pulled a bizarre clip for Howard from Boston’s “Toucher and Rich” radio show where one of the hosts, Fred Toettcher, claimed he “has an opportunity to meet Howard Stern.”

The other host, Rich Shertenlieb, was heard on the clip asking Toettcher about how he got the opportunity. “I’ve been pushing it off now for months … It’s at Sirius and it would be around his show,” Toucher explained. “I have carte blanche from Gary Dell’Abate.”

Gary told Howard he had no idea what the guy was talking about and would try to get to the bottom of who he had talked to. Howard said he was worried that Sour Shoes called impersonating Gary and invited Toettcher.

After a few minutes of searching through emails, Gary reported back that a friend of the show who they had worked with at the Boston radio stations reached out on Toettcher’s behalf for his birthday and while Gary explained that he couldn’t meet Howard, he did invite him to come by for the Wrap Up Show.

“It sounds like a miscommunication,” Gary concluded.