Fans Want to Know: Could JD Harmeyer Be Autistic?

Going down the list of signs and symptoms, it's clear the media producer has something

June 7, 2016

Chad from St. Louis called in wondering if anyone thought JD Harmeyer could possibly be autistic.

“They did say he rocks at the meetings,” Robin noted.

Chad listed off a few possible signs that seemed to fit with JD, including few friendships or relationships, non-verbal communication challenges, and sensory processing disorders.

Gary suspected that he might be closer to the Asperger’s spectrum and listed some indications associated with the syndrome: above-average intelligence, difficulties in empathizing with others, difficulties with high-level language skills, specialized fields of interest or hobbies, and difficulties engaging in social routines such as conversations and ‘small talk’ among others.

Howard brought up the clip of an old bit they did listing the things JD can and can’t do. The list of things the Stern staffer was able to do included changing a lightbulb, checking tire pressure, making a bed, mowing the lawn, performing the Heimlich Maneuver, and folding clothes.

Howard called a bluff on him being able to fold clothes, but JD got a few shirts in the studio and proved his skills.

The list of things he is not able to do included changing a car tire, making scrambled eggs, running a mile, swimming, making spaghetti, and starting a fire.

JD also revealed that he’s going on two years now with his girlfriend and they could even be moving in together in the near future. “It might be happening soon,” he said.

Don’t look for a proposal anytime soon, though. While JD admitted to putting thought into how he would propose, he said it might not happen within the time period of Howard’s current contract.