Julian Velard Covers ‘La Cunté Caldo’ on the Wrap Up Show

Hear the hit track slow-jammed by the NYC-based musician

June 14, 2016

Howard cued up a clip of the infamous homeless woman on Tuesday to announce a special segment, Stump the Booey, but before launching into the game he had a special musical treat for fans.

The woman’s song, “La Cunté Caldo” has become a hit among listeners and now acclaimed New York City musician Julian Velard even covered it live on the Wrap Up Show!

“I’m convinced this is a hit,” Howard praised. “[She’s] like a homeless Shakira.”

Richard Christy explained how he and Sal found her talking to a wall and decided she’d be the perfect fit to do a couple of guest announcements — little did they know how right they were. Asked about her appearance, Sal described her as “exactly what you’d think” she’d look like.