Show Rundown: Monday June 20, 2016

Doug Stanhope and Bingo leave it all on the table in a riveting interview

June 20, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Jim Breuer opened the show as Goat Boy and Donkey Lady singing “Great American Nightmare” in hilarious fashion this morning.

Listen to him do his donkey voice during his most recent appearance on the show above.

Medicated Pete Calls Medicated Pete

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard couldn’t wait to play a prank call this morning featuring Medicated Pete.

Due to his OCD, Pete often remains on the line after a call, unable to hang up first. In this prank call, he goes word for word with a “fan,” who is really just a recording of himself leading to a 14-minute call — nine-and-a-half of which are the two of them trying to say goodbye.

Howard was amazed that Wack Packers ranging from Bigfoot to Tan Mom kept falling for the prank and said he would consider making the all 14 minutes of Pete’s call available as some sort of a special soon.