Ben Affleck Gets Worked Up on ‘Any Given Wednesday’

Watch the Patriots fan blow up about Deflategate

June 28, 2016

After laughing about newscasters apologizing for the cursing in LeBron James’ NBA championship parade speech, Howard noted that he saw a lot of discussion around Ben Affleck’s interview on the first episode of Bill Simmons’ new HBO show, “Any Given Wednesday.”

The actor and major Patriots fan launched into a profanity-laced diatribe against Tom Brady’s Deflategate allegations, denouncing them as ridiculous. The segment was billed as “NSFW” and “angry” in the press, but Howard backed up Affleck’s performance.

“So what? He’s on HBO and he’s cursing … That’s exactly how I would expect Ben Affleck to talk,” Howard began.

“This guy’s a good guest,” he continued. “See this is the guy who should play Batman.”