Bobo Writes an Open Apology Letter to Howard

The Wack Packer says he regrets showing up at the hospital

June 28, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bobo called in with a question yet again this morning, but the conversation quickly turned to a more interesting topic.

Shuli Egar came in and revealed that while Bobo denied last week that he would give Howard a blowjob to save his idol’s life, it has since come to light that he, in fact, would.

Faced with the hypothetical scenario of a man with a gun demanding either Bobo perform the sexual act on Howard or else the King of All Media would be killed, Bobo was clear in his devotion.

“I would try to take the guy out first,” he said. “[But] I would do what I had to do to save his life.”

Furthermore, Shuli revealed that Bobo recently wrote an open letter apologizing for showing up at the hospital when Howard’s daughter was born – an incident Bobo admitted was the “stupidest thing” he’s ever done.

In the letter, Bobo offered an explanation for the event. “I just wanted to meet the guy on the Radio! I knew it was wrong! But I honestly just got caught up in meeting you Howard! Who I really admired!” he wrote.

Bobo told Howard that his family has since “crucified” him for the decision.