Did Robin Quivers Rest During the Break?

The staff guesses how Howard's co-host spent her vacation

July 18, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The most pressing question coming out of the two-week vacation was posed by Howard early in the show Monday morning: “Did Robin rest up on vacation so that she’d be healthy for work, or did she take off to places unknown”?

Fred and Benjy both guessed that Robin did some traveling during the break, but Howard went for the wild card bet that she actually stayed home.

Benjy said that he saw her tweet about sunscreen, so he really thought she was on a beach somewhere, but Howard pointed out that one of her homes could be considered to be on a beach.

Robin, not wanting to leave anyone hanging, finally revealed where she went: “The answer is, Robin stayed home.”

So there you have it – no Raspy Robin in the weeks to come.