Exploring the Montreal Pokémon Festival

Chris Wilding interviews attendees of the unique convention

July 18, 2016
c/0 David Glantz c/0 David Glantz

In a stroke of luck, Stern Show contributor Chris Wilding attended Montreal’s “Pokémon Festival” in June, just prior to when the “Pokémon Go” craze began, and interviewed some of the attendees to get a feel for the type of fan that went to the event.

Chris, who described the attendees as generally “a who’s who of loser’s losers,” asked a selection of them to name as many Pokémon as they could in 20 seconds, do an impression of their favorite Pokémon, and more – and the results were pretty startling.

“My favorite Pokémon are Squirtle and Tan Mom,” Howard jokingly answered as he played more of the interviews.