Benjy Bronk Is on Prozac and in Therapy

“I love life now," he told Howard

July 25, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A noticeably cheerier Benjy Bronk informed Howard on Monday morning that he recently started turning to transcendental meditation in an attempt to get his life under control … well that and Prozac.

“I never felt suicidal, but I felt hopeless about life,” he revealed.

Benjy vowed that he was working to get back to not taking any medication, but for now it’s keeping his mood under control. He has also been visiting a therapist in order to get to the root of what’s bothering him.

The conversation took a dangerous turn when Benjy told Howard that therapy led him to want to write a “heartfelt” letter to his boss (though he didn’t get around to it).

“I don’t want a letter from you,” Howard insisted above Robin’s persistent pleas for Benjy to send it.

The fact that there was even a letter to be written led Howard to wonder why Benjy was bringing him up in therapy. “It’s so creepy,” the King of All Media said with a shudder. “This fucking guy, badmouthing me in therapy.”

Benjy wouldn’t reveal what he said to his therapist, but Howard was still incensed. “Keep me out of your therapy, Benjy!” he concluded.