Hit ‘Em With the Hein Catches On

From Brazzers porn stars to MLB sportscasters, the catchphrase gains traction

July 25, 2016

It seems Jon Hein’s nightmare has come true as the Jason Kaplan-propelled Hit ‘Em with the Hein catchphrase has caught on.

Howard played through a menagerie of clips on Monday including tributes by an MLB Network anchor, a pair of porn stars from Brazzers, an operatic song parody by Daniel Mendelson, and even a techno version by Psych.

Reports from the back office indicated that Jon no longer says goodbye to anyone in an attempt to sneak away before Jason (or anyone) can call him out.

Moreover, Brent Hatley, who produces the Wrap Up Show, claimed that Jon refused a number of calls last week about the phrase while on the air.

“That’s completely untrue,” Jon shot back, despite Brent’s insistence.

Either way, Jon has been forced to accept the reality of it and conceded: “Seems to be taking the world by storm.”