Benjy Vortex: The Therapy Discussion Continues

"I realize I overreacted," Howard admitted in response to listener feedback

July 26, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Frequent caller Chad from St. Louis came to Benjy Bronk’s defense Tuesday morning, telling Howard that he was too harsh on the Prozac-fueled Stern Show writer.

Howard said that Chad clearly wasn’t alone as he had gotten some emails after the show on Monday expressing the same sentiment. “Of course your [sic] gonna be mentioned in his sessions!!! It’s the only thing in his life worth mentioning,” one listener wrote.

“I realize I overreacted,” Howard admitted.

Benjy explained that while Howard had clearly opened so many doors for him, the King of All Media also said some things that hurt him. “You say mean shit about me all the time,” he said.

Benjy added that a mix of medication and therapy has gotten him from walking around like a zombie to talking about his issues.

Robin contended that if Benjy needed medication to deal with this job he would never make it in a normal job, which immediately set him off.

“No, that’s fucking ridiculous!” he erupted. “Fuck you with the real job shit!”

After settling down, Benjy wondered why it bothered Howard so much in the first place that he was mentioned in therapy and Howard countered that it was just an indication that Benjy’s priorities were “off.”

“You’re a part of my environment,” Benjy offered.

Outside of Howard, Benjy also admitted that Fred Norris probably makes it into a session or two as well. Fred took that as his cue to tell Howard about Benjy’s egg-eating habits.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary Dell’Abate chimed in that Benjy has been buying packets of cashews at Trader Joe’s and giving them to Jason Kaplan with explicit instructions to only give him one a day, even if he asks for more. Jason corroborated the story and said he has never given Benjy more than one cashew packet in a day.

Stay tuned to see how the new and improved Benjy continues to evolve.