Jeff the Drunk Strikes Out with His Australian Admirer

Gripes and groans from the trailer-bound Wack Packer

July 26, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard took a call from Jeff the Drunk first thing Tuesday morning after hearing reports that the Wack Packer had been whining to the back office staff about not being on the air for the past three weeks (two of which the show was on vacation for).

“What do you think, you’re going to be on every day?” Howard asked.

Jeff was eager to tell everyone about his new tan, but Howard quickly pointed out “it looks like he has a huge rash.”

“He’s red like a German Shephard’s dick,” Jeff’s “Lump” added before quickly pointing out that there was nothing to be proud of since it was simply a result of Jeff sitting around outside and doing nothing.

The tan is on its way!

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Howard was more interested in what happened when the Australian woman finally came for a long-awaited visit to Jeff’s trailer and wondered if anything romantic sparked between the two of them.

“Not per se,” Jeff responded coyly. But when pressed about it, he admitted: “Nothing happened.”

Shuli Egar, who was in the midst of doing an Embedded with Jeff, said that the woman was “very cute” and seemed to have every intention of doing something – but it just didn’t pan out.

The truly amazing thing was how many presents all of Jeff’s Periscope fans send to the trailer. At one point, Shuli recalled, Jeff was in tears because he had too many boxes. Moreover, every Friday evening a fan sends him pizza and beer among other gifts.

“Jeff is completely addicted to Periscope, without a doubt,” Shuli continued, explaining that there is a whole ecosystem of people who have been blocked by Jeff and subsequently work to wreak havoc on his life.

In other news, Jeff was upset because he went to a doctor and was told they would not be able to take off his arm. He pleaded with Howard to get involved, believing that they’d do it for him, but Howard maintained that the Wack Packer should get a second opinion or consult a different kind of doctor.