Stern Show Wedding: When Will JD Harmeyer Marry His Girlfriend?

If JD does decide to tie the knot, Howard says he'll definitely be there to witness the occasion

July 26, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Since JD Harmeyer has been in a serious relationship with his girlfriend for a while now, Howard wondered when the Stern Show staffer would be getting married. Turns out, the couple have already discussed getting hitched.

“It’s not going to happen for at least a little bit,” JD said on air, explaining that the conversation got started after he and his girlfriend attended a wedding together and she shared what her own dream day would look like.

“Imagine JD’s your dream,” Howard said. All joking aside, Howard assured JD that he’ll be at his wedding, so long as the ceremony happens nearby.

“It probably will be, if it happens, in New York, or maybe Florida,” JD told Howard. The reason for Florida being a possible location is because that’s where JD’s mom lives, and his girlfriend is also a fan of the Sunshine State.

“JD’s a groomzilla,” Howard joked.

The real question is: Why hasn’t JD proposed already? After spending so long looking for love, many in the office are wondering why he’s waited so long to lock this down.

“We’re committed, it’s just … I do understand more now about the legalities of being married,” JD said. “It felt weird needing a piece of paper saying you’re committed to someone.”

Sounds like JD’s future wife will have to sign on the dotted line of a prenuptial agreement before she can walk down the aisle and into his arms.