This Uber Driver’s Outburst Sounds Just Like Scott the Engineer Screaming

“Get out of my car!” vs. “Get out of my face!”

July 26, 2016

A viral video of an irate Uber driver demanding that a passenger get out of the car has many comparing his outburst to the infamous temper tantrum thrown by Scott Salem during his pushup challenge.

In the YouTube video (above), the driver can be heard repeatedly screaming, “Get out of my car!” while the woman in the backseat refuses to exit the vehicle. During Tuesday’s show, Howard played audio of Scott the Engineer from the ’90s screaming “Get out of my face!”

“I think he was taking Creatine,” Howard said of Scott’s angry rant while noting how similar his screaming is to the Uber driver’s.

Listen to the classic Scott the Engineer pushup eruption (below) and hear for yourself.