Happy Birthday, Robin Quivers!

Stern Show co-host turns another year wiser

August 8, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

August 8th marks an official Stern Show holiday – it’s Robin Quivers’ birthday!

Before launching into a special celebration though, Howard took a moment to discover what in the hell Robin was doing in Las Vegas last week.

Was it a spiritual awakening? New age seminar? Mushrooms in the desert?

“No! It was just a vacation,” Robin insisted. “None of the above.”

Instead, according to Ms. Quivers, she went for a long weekend with friends and saw a number of Sin City’s finest shows, including the revamped Beatles-inspired “Love.” Additionally, she stopped by Brad Garrett’s comedy club and caught his eye in the audience – though not for the reason you’d think. Brad has appeared on the Stern Show multiple times, but he reportedly didn’t recognize Robin and instead jokingly referred to her as “Whoopi” as he worked the crowd.

There were no hard feelings though, and Robin said that he was “really, really funny.”

Moving on to Robin’s official birthday celebration, Howard replayed some of the top moments from his co-host’s career, including her first broadcast with him on DC 101 (in which she reported on Walter Cronkite’s retirement), the time she requested to be called “Robin Ophelia Quivers,” when she came up with the name “Private Parts” for Howard’s book, the infamous dinner wine hijacking incident, and much more.

Additionally, Howard had a few special birthday messages from the likes of Lenny Dykstra, Underdog Lady, Ham Hands Bill, and even Penn Jillette.

Be sure to wish Robin Ophelia Quivers a very happy birthday today on Twitter.