Hit ‘Em With the Hein Is Here to Stay

"I'm kind of getting used to it at this point," Jon conceded

August 9, 2016

Hit ‘Em With the Hein may be on the tip of everyone’s lips these days, but rest assured it will not be replacing the classic Baba Booey catchphrase anytime soon.

Howard said that he was surprised how the Jon Hein-inspired slogan had caught fire, but still did not see it ever overtaking Gary Dell’Abate’s classic slip of the tongue.

Jon came into the studio Tuesday morning and agreed that he was pretty shocked that it caught on, but maintained that it didn’t really bother him. “I’m kind of getting used to it at this point,” he said.

Jason Kaplan came in and countered that it’s been driving Jon nuts, but that he wouldn’t admit it. “Jon is the angriest person I know,” Jason continued.

Jon, though, said that he feels “there’s nothing I can do about it.”

The prediction around the office is that Jon will continue to hate the phrase until five years from now when he names his book “Hit ‘Em With the Hein: The Jon Hein Story.”

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