High Pitch Erik Strikes Out with Jimmy Kimmel

Wack Packer makes plea to late night television host

August 15, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Late in the show Monday morning, High Pitch Erik called in to try his luck with Jimmy Kimmel’s famous generosity.

“I need three things,” Erik began before Jimmy cut him off.

“No, and I’ll tell you why,” Jimmy asserted. “Because John Stamos showed me a long back and forth text message with you where you’re asking him for money and stuff like that.”

High Pitch had little to offer in the way of a defense and instead asked for Kimmel to just buy him one thing — an iPhone 6 — but Jimmy stayed strong in his denial.

“What I like is when people don’t ask for it … Erik’s a little bit of a hustler, you know, and I don’t think Wendy [the Slow Adult] is and I don’t think Eric the Actor was, as well,” Jimmy explained.

In other dark news coming out of Erik’s life, his latest pet (which Howard had advised him not to get) has reportedly died. “Donnie” the bearded dragon stopped eating for two or three weeks according to Erik because it was shedding its skin.

“In less than a year Erik killed his pet fish, his frogs, and this … bearded dragon lizard,” Howard revealed to listeners. “So they all die and he insists on getting things and I feel bad for them because there’s no way he’s properly taking care of them.”

Our thoughts and prayers are are with “Donnie” as he no doubt goes to a better place.