Show Rundown: September 14, 2016

Howard is Twitter-famous, debating the Wack Pack, and Sal's personal wagon

September 14, 2016

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard became a Twitter sensation on Tuesday morning after parodying Larry King’s #mytwocents hashtag with his own #ForWhatItsWorth observational tweets.

The Daily News, among other publications, immediately jumped to the conclusion that Howard’s account had been hacked, while one clueless tweeter accused Howard directly of ripping off Larry King’s bit.

Howard offered some commentary on his writing process as Robin caught up on everything he had tweeted since they’d last seen each other. From the “civic-minded” to the inquisitive, Howard pulled no punches in his stream of consciousness barrage:

One particularly hard-hitting truth was even realized while Howard watched a porn video:

He revealed that an alternate version of the tweet read: “Why are they called balls if they’re not perfectly round.” Robin initially protested that not all balls are round, but she eventually gave in and accepted it, for what it’s worth.

Larry King even responded on Tuesday with some love for Howard.

Head over to Howard’s Twitter account for more #ForWhatItsWorth tweets.