Robin Quivers’ Email Intervention: Over 4,000 Messages Are Cluttering Her Inbox

“You know what you are? An email hoarder,” Howard tells his co-host

November 30, 2016
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Robin Quivers has a problem. On Wednesday’s Stern Show, she admitted she couldn’t find her invite to Howard’s annual holiday party even though it was emailed to her nearly a month ago.

“I tried even searching for it the other day, it’s not there,” Robin told Howard while scrolling through her bloated inbox. “I’m already up to November 1st, there is no invitation here.”

“There’s something wrong with you,” Howard said to Robin. “You have a problem with every email.” Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate eventually came in to help Robin locate the e-vite and, sure enough, it was there. Robin blamed her phone’s poor search functionality but Gary didn’t let her off the hook.

“The bigger issue is, for years now, going on a decade or more, we don’t know how to communicate with you,” he told her. Howard agreed, saying that with every email he sends to Robin, he wonders if she’ll ever see it since so many of his messages go unnoticed by her.

“I have a lot of email in my box and a lot of spam,” she explained. She wasn’t kidding. At Howard’s request, Robin read out loud the emails sitting at the top of her inbox: an advertisement from a pen company, a clothing catalogue, real estate listings, and a promotional message from an online flower company. Howard instructed her to unsubscribe from all of those vendors.

“Suppose I want the email from them,” Robin asked.

“You don’t,” Howard told her. “You know what you are? An email hoarder.” Clearly, Robin needed help and Howard wanted to know just how bad the problem was.

“Is it over 4,000?” he asked.

“Yes,” Robin admitted.

Howard wanted to get to work helping Robin clean up her cluttered inbox as soon as possible and asked if she was free this Sunday. Robin checked her calendar.

“Sunday is December 3rd, believe it or not. No, actually that’s Saturday,” Robin said with a laugh.

It seems Robin’s digital disorganization goes far past her emails, according to some on the Stern Show staff. Ronnie reminded Howard how Robin’s driver is provided with a show calendar so he knows when he has to bring her into work.

“My work schedule is in this phone!” Robin said, arguing that she is completely capable of knowing when to come to work on her own.

“Didn’t you once show up on a day we were off?” Gary asked.

“That was years ago but, yes that did happen. That’s how conscientious I am,” Robin answered, though she also shot back at Gary, telling him that he has forgotten to inform her about schedule changes in the past. “There have been times, Gary, that you haven’t emailed me something. Now, remember that, too.”

“In his defense, it wouldn’t have made a difference,” Howard joked.

Robin promised that her email will be completely cleared by the end of the day, but only time will tell if she truly chooses to change her disorderly conduct.