George Lopez ... Previously on the Stern Show

Catch up on highlights from the comedian's past appearances!

Comedian George Lopez returns to the Stern Show Tuesday morning ahead of the premiere of his new semi-autobiographical sitcom, "Lopez," on TV Land (catch an exclusive scene above) – and that's exciting news for anyone who has caught his past appearances.

Lopez has time and again said it all (and more) when he's sat down with Howard and this week will surely be no different.

For now, catch up on what George Lopez said … previously on the Stern Show!

Getting Leno'd By Conan on TBS

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Appearing on the show in 2014 for the first time in nine years, Lopez addressed the situation around his former late-night talk show "Lopez Tonight" on TBS. Howard wondered about what went wrong with the show and why David Hudson, Senior Vice President of Late Night for TBS, had slammed George for the material at the time.

"I had great writers. Great writers who wrote, you know, comedy that was edgy – that's what they wanted," Lopez explained. Despite the large initial audience, the feedback he received from the TBS executives was difficult to parse: "Too black, too many Latinos, not enough white people, not enough older people. Skew back. Not enough Latinos – too many white people are watching," he remembered being told.

After the first season of the show, Lopez received news that was even harder to digest. "We have a chance to get Conan [O'Brien], what do you think?" George remembered another TBS executive, Steve Koonin, asking him. The issue was, "Lopez Tonight" aired at 11pm, the time slot they wanted for Conan.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Similar to how Coco had been boxed out by Jay Leno on NBC at the time, Lopez was now being boxed out by Conan. Worse, TBS asked George to call Conan himself to tell him it was a "great place to work."

George told Howard he ultimately played ball, explaining that if he hadn't, TBS would have just canned him later – so he moved his show to 12am, which was ultimately a deathblow for his show.

TBS executives allegedly tried to justify it to George by explaining that Conan was a "folk hero" – a statement Lopez scoffed at.

George told Howard that he doesn't hold a grudge against Conan about the whole situation though.

An Alleged Threat From Jay Leno

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Jay Leno, on the other hand, totally rubbed Lopez wrong way.

George recounted to Howard how he had made some comments during an interview about how the former "Tonight Show" host wasn't an "honest dude" and promptly received a phone call from Leno taking obvious offense.

"I blow him out on the phone and he says he wants to kick my ass, "George told Howard.

"I would tear Jay Leno up," the incredulous Lopez continued. Even more bizarre was that at comedian Richard Jeni's funeral, Leno allegedly confronted Paul Rodriguez, whom he thought was Lopez. "That's some crazy shit!" George laughed.

Non-Medical Complications With His New Kidney

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Later in the 2014 interview, Howard questioned George about his ex-wife who donated a kidney to him before they separated and wondered if she ever held it over his head in arguments.

"She doesn't like when I talk about her, but I'm going to say to that one … yes," George revealed.

"I would too," Howard joked.

George suffered from a congenital disease that caused him to wet the bed as a child -- something his grandmother would ridicule him for. His reaction of holding it in caused even more issues, which eventually resulted in his kidneys functioning at 18%. His wife, who was a match, was able to donate one of hers that actually had two arteries running through it, giving him a "super kidney."

Unfortunately, their marriage did not experience the same luck.

Beefing With Carlos Mencia

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

During a September 2005 appearance, George told Howard about his feud with fellow Hispanic comedian Carlos Mencia.

Lopez accused Mencia of stealing his jokes and even physically confronted him in person once, punching him at a comedy club.

Howard said he would have pegged George as someone who would raise up other Hispanic comedians in the business, but Lopez clarified that he wouldn't want to see anyone make it who hadn't earned it.

Getting A Boost From Sandra Bullock

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They may seem like an unlikely duo, but George Lopez was actually given his first crack at a sitcom by none other than actress extraordinaire Sandra Bullock.

In his first appearance on the Stern Show in June of 2005, Lopez told Howard about how Bullock saw him perform standup one night at a comedy club and thought his stories would be perfect for a sitcom.

"She believed in me," Lopez told Howard. Bullock went on to serve as executive producer of "George Lopez," which aired for six seasons on ABC.

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