Quiz: What Would Richard Christy Lick for $1,000?

An on-air game led to a new challenge involving Sal Governale's foreskin

Howard had a new game to play on the Stern Show: What Would Richard Christy Lick for $1,000? Hopefully those listening at home weren't in the middle of eating breakfast because the segment got real gross, real fast. One of the last lickable things Richard agreed to touch his tongue to was Sal Governale's foreskin, although he said he'd need to be paid at least $6K to do it. Howard and Robin considered coughing up the cash and Sal said for the right price, he would participate as well. Will this stunt happen on an upcoming Stern Show? Stay tuned.

For now, see if you can guess whether or not Richard would lick these things for a thousand bucks!