‘Step Mom’ Videos Dominate Pornhub in 2016

Howard reviews what the world was watching on the adult site last year

January 9, 2017
Photo: iStock

Howard has often admitted to being a fan of step mom porn and it turns out, so is the rest of the world. Popular adult site Pornhub recently released their “2016 Year in Review” which reveals data on user behavior in several different categories. For the second year in a row, “step mom” was the most searched term amongst Americans and also jumped up one spot to second place for worldwide users. “Lesbian” videos are still the most searched for internationally, but girl-on-girl content came in second place in the U.S.

On Monday’s Stern Show, Howard was surprised to see that cartoon content came in fifth place in U.S. search term popularity, and that’s down three spots from the previous year.

“Who is jerking off to cartoons? That I don’t get,” Howard said. Climbing big in 2016 were “ebony,” “lesbian scissoring,” and “overwatch,” which saw the biggest spike, jumping 452 spots on the U.S. search terms list. In case that stat doesn’t make sense to you, “Overwatch” is a top-selling multiplayer video game that features several sexualized characters and has spawned several pornographic parodies.

Pornhub also reported who the most searched for performers were in 2016. Kim Kardashian lost her first-place status as the most searched for girl, falling to third behind porn stars Lisa Ann and Mia Khalifa. Howard brought up that Lisa Ann doesn’t even do porn anymore but her videos are clearly still being searched for.

Lisa Ann Lisa Ann Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“She hasn’t made a new porn video in three years,” Gary said of Lisa Ann, who also competes in the Stern Show Fantasy Football league. “She talks about how she really doesn’t have to do anything anymore.”

In total, Pornhub received 23 billion visits in 2016 with nearly 92 billion videos viewed throughout the year – that’s 12.5 porn videos viewed for every person on Earth.

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