Show Rundown: January 10, 2017

Ronnie reveals he's no longer much of a limo driver and Tan Mom calls in as her twin sister, Petunia

January 10, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard watched “The Bachelor” on Monday night and this week he wasn’t the only one. Gary Dell’Abate and his wife Mary tuned in to ABC’s reality series for the first time, but after their experience the couple vowed to never watch again.

“I wanted to throw shit at the screen,” the Stern Show executive producer said.

Howard wasn’t convinced that Gary would actually ditch the show considering he had a number of questions after watching the episode, including how “Bachelor” Nick Viall has been on four different seasons and if “these women have any self-worth of any kind?”

Howard went on to explain that he sometimes hands out laser pointers to those watching the show with him, so that they can circle any funny details noticed on screen—a game he learned from a friend.

Gary noted some people have begun playing fantasy “Bachelor,” similar to how people play fantasy football.