Show Rundown: January 23, 2017

Richard pitches a new game and discovers something disturbing on Sal's body

January 23, 2017

Good Morning Everybody!

While he doesn’t watch most of the season, Howard stayed up Sunday night to watch the New England Patriots take on the Pittsburgh Steelers to see who would move on to the Super Bowl. With the Patriots victorious, Howard wondered if Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play in light of his countless accomplishments.

Howard told Robin that he also watched the Women’s March over the weekend and said that it reminded him of the 1960s when Americans were protesting the Vietnam War. One aspect of the ’60s which Howard hoped might arise again today was more great protest music.

Speaking of the Women’s March, there were some superfans representing with Hit ’em with the Hein signs. Check them out here.

At President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, meanwhile, many thought they heard a “Baba Booey” shortly before Chief Justice John Roberts officially swore in the 45th leader of the nation … or at least a “Booey.” Howard said he wasn’t 100 percent sure, but settled on “taking it as a ‘Booey.'”