The Wrap Up Show Live From Super Bowl LI

New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft stops by, Maria Menounos disses Falcon fans, and Donnie Wahlberg advises Joe Buck on how to deal with High Pitch Erik

February 3, 2017
Photo by Cindy Ord Photo by Cindy Ord Photo: Getty Images

The Wrap Up Show headed to Houston on Friday to broadcast live from Super Bowl Radio Row. Hosts Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate were joined by a slew of Stern Show celebrity superfans, including Maria Menounos, Alyssa Milano, Craig Ferguson, and New England Patriots owners Bob and Jonathan Kraft. NFL greats Herschel Walker and Todd Gurley also sat down with Jon and Gary ahead of Sunday’s big game.

Check out all the highlights, photos, and video from the special Super Bowl Wrap Up Show (below).

Donnie Wahlberg’s Advice to Joe Buck: Don’t Invite High Pitch Erik Into the Broadcasting Booth

Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg, and Joe Buck join Jon Hein and Gary Dell'Abate on the Wrap Up Show live from the Super Bowl Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg, and Joe Buck join Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate on the Wrap Up Show live from the Super Bowl Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Joe Buck is the newest dude to catch High Pitch Erik’s affection and on Friday, Donnie Wahlberg gave the sportscaster some pointers on how to handle the Wack Packer.

“Don’t invite him to sit in the booth at one of your games,” he told Joe. If only Donnie could go back in time and take his own advice. He told the story of the first time he ran into High Pitch and how that led to the Wack Packer getting a regular role on Donnie’s show “Blue Bloods.”

“The first time I met him was at a urinal at Sirius,” Donnie said. “I’m going to the bathroom and I hear this voice … and he handed me a note, it was the sweetest note, though, saying his dream was to be on ‘Blue Bloods.'”

Donnie invited him to be a regular extra on the series, with Erik now appearing in many of the show’s squad room scenes. And if Donnie has any say in the matter, High Pitch will soon not only be seen but heard. He requested for one of the head writers to pen Erik a few lines of dialogue in an upcoming episode.

“He’s supposed to be writing him a part,” Donnie explained. “I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I’m directing this writer’s next episode so it could be in that episode.”

“Oh my god, if he has a speaking part, I will die,” Jenny McCarthy said with a laugh. Being married to Donnie, she’s had to deal with Erik’s hardcore love of her husband. She definitely doesn’t mind that there’s a new man to catch High Pitch’s eye.

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Patriots Owners Bob and Jonathan Kraft Liken Tom Brady to Howard Stern

Bob and Jonathan Kraft are no strangers to the Super Bowl—when you own the New England Patriots, it’s usually where you end the NFL season. The father and son superfans stopped by and compared their champion QB Tom Brady to the one and only Howard Stern.

“For us, Tom Brady is already the indisputable greatest quarterback of all time,” Jonathan said while listing all of Brady’s impressive stats. But he added that a Pats win on Sunday would be “the exclamation point” and make #12 the Howard Stern of pro football.

“No one would debate anymore that Howard isn’t the greatest radio personality and the greatest interviewer of all time,” Jonathan continued.

Gary, a lifelong Jets fan, couldn’t deny that Tom Brady and the Patriots are a dynasty but he asked the Krafts if the New York-New England games would be better if the two teams were more evenly matched.

“Wouldn’t the rivalry be much more fun if the Jets were more competitive?” Gary asked.

“No, it’s perfect just the way it is,” Bob fired back.

Watch Bob and Jonathan Kraft on the Wrap Up Show (above).

Maria Menounos Is Still Sh-t-Talking Opposing Fans

Jon Hein and Maria Menounos on the Wrap Up Show live from the Super Bowl Jon Hein and Maria Menounos on the Wrap Up Show live from the Super Bowl Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bay State local Maria Menounos is awfully confident in the New England Patriots’ chances in winning Super Bowl LI. She even confessed to shit-talking an Atlanta fan on her flight to Houston.

“Last night, I’m on the plane, and I see this older gentleman coming on with a Falcons hat,” Maria told Jon and Gary. “I get up, and I go, ‘Excuse me sir, I just want to apologize in advance,’ and he looks at me with such horror.”

She wasn’t done taunting him, though. Maria said she then blasted some Dropkick Murphys music while running up and down the aisle. As she put it, her goal is “demoralizing every Falcons fan until they feel like shit, so their team plays like shit, so we win!”

This isn’t the first time Maria has talked trash while sticking up for her hometown teams, either. She recalled getting caught on camera yelling at the Orlando Magic’s Vince Carter while sitting courtside at a Boston Celtics game. Check out the photo (below).

Photo: AP

“I’m psychotic,” Maria said. “I have so much fun with it.

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Herschel Walker Is Ready to Race Todd Gurley in 40-Yard Dash

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fellow former University of Georgia backfielder Herschel Walker joined Jon, Gary, and the rest of the Wrap Up Show crew to talk about his NFL playing days. It’s been decades since Herschel’s taken the field, but he believes he’s just as fast now as he was in his heyday.

“I still run pretty well,” Herschel said, adding that when it comes to competition, he doesn’t like to lose. “Right now, in the NFL, I’ll challenge any running back … I’d bet in a footrace, I’d beat most of them.”

Joe Buck noticed that one such running back happened to be walking by at just that moment – Todd Gurley. So does Herschel think he’s as fast as the Rams’ star player?

“As I said earlier, I don’t like to lose,” he said.

Herschel, who also practices mixed martial arts, also talked about how he manages to stay in shape by simply doing pushups.

“Right now, I’m doing about 1,500 pushups every day,” he said. “I do sets of 50 to 75 in different hand positions.” And even though he’s doing many pushups, Herschel said he only eats a single meal each day. Some of his favorite foods include a bowl of Frosted Flakes, a honeybun, or a Coke.

“Anything a doctor says you should do, I don’t do it,” Herschel told Jon and Gary.

Todd Gurley Makes Rob Riggle a Fantasy Football Promise

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley came by the Wrap Up Show to chat with Jon, Gary, and comedian Rob Riggle. The NFL superstar had a monster debut season in 2015 and many hoped he’d put up similar numbers in 2016, including Fantasy Football fan Riggle.

“This year, I was in a lot of fantasy leagues, and in three of the four, you were my number-one draft pick,” Rob told Todd.

“Aw, I’ll get you next year,” Todd said, implying that fans can look forward to Gurley getting a ton of yardage and TDs in 2017. The guys asked Gurley if he would ever draft himself in fantasy football.

“I’ve never played it before,” Gurley said.

“You’ll play it eventually and you’ll love it,” Rob told him. “You’ll get addicted like the rest of us.”

Alyssa Milano Ain’t the Only Female Sports Fan

Jon Hein, Joe Buck, Alyssa Milano, and Flat Ronnie on the Wrap Up Show live from the Super Bowl Jon Hein, Joe Buck, Alyssa Milano, and Flat Ronnie on the Wrap Up Show live from the Super Bowl Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Actress Alyssa Milano loves sports almost as much as she loves the Howard Stern Show. She stopped by to tell Jon and Gary about her sportswear line Touch, designed specifically for women, now in its 10th year.

Alyssa started making clothes for female sports fans after she noticed most pro shops were primarily selling pink fashions for women.

“If women can have a choice between flying the team colors and wearing pink, we’re always gonna want to fly the team colors,” she explained.

Gary asked Alyssa about listening to the Stern Show and whether or not she’ll ever come on to talk to Howard.

“I’ve wanted to do the show for a long time … but my husband won’t let me do it,” she said. Turns out, her spouse is just too nervous about what Howard might ask her on air. Alyssa, however, is confident she’d come out of an interview with the King of All Media unscathed.

“I feel like I’d handle myself,” she said. “There’s nothing I have to hide.”

To check out Alyssa Milano’s Touch sportswear line, click here.

Craig Ferguson Is Ready for Radio

Photo: Cindy Ord

There’s another big name coming to SiriusXM soon: funnyman Craig Ferguson. The multi-talented performer will launch his own show on Comedy Greats channel 94 starting Feb. 27 and he told Jon and Gary why he thinks he’ll do fine as a radio host.

“I had a very difficult childhood and I drink a lot of coffee,” Craig joked.

As confident as Craig is in his own abilities, he took some time to talk up Howard.

“Without doubt, Howard Stern is the best interviewer. Like, in a different league,” Craig said. For Ferguson, it’s the ability to have a guest disclose a story they’d otherwise hide that he considers Howard’s greatest talent.

“If Howard was not doing radio, I think he’d probably be an excellent border guard,” Craig joked.

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